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Sustainable Purchasing

Neighbourhood Property Styling is committed to minimising our environmental impact and achieving fair, safe and healthy working conditions throughout our supply chain.

We seek to partner with suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency. 


We meticulously unpack and sort through the packaging that comes with each delivery of new product.

Zero waste is our goal. Right now, we recycle about 75% of all our garbage. Our goal is to reach over 85%. Every little thing adds up.

Local Brands

We always try to source and uncover unique pieces locally and domestically first.

All other pieces are purchased with a classic style in mind and do not follow trends. Not only is it not our style to be "on trend", we are dead-set against products that are poorly made, especially those from Fast Furniture outlets who makes furniture for one season only. 

Office Supplies

A business uses a ton of stuff. To manage our impact, we adopted Environmentally Preferred Purchasing policies across all our operations for things like office and cleaning supplies, shipping materials, and manufacturing equipment. We prioritise products with recycled-content, and opt for solutions that are recyclable or biodegradable.

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